Not because it is easy…

Seeing as it’s the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings, here’s some patches worn by the Gemini and Apollo astronauts during their missions.

Traditionally designed by the men flying each mission, then made up by NASA, they’re inspirational and iconic – as well as emblematic of the hope engendered by each trip made to outer space. Many use classic mythology as their inspiration – like the ill-fated Apollo 13’s crew patch – but some show a pioneering design spirit that sums up the ’70s graphic consciousness perfectly. Emilio Pucci’s design for the Apollo 15 mission is a great example of this spirit of modernity.

My favourite is the Gemini 7 patch. Astronaut Jim Lovell describes its design in the book All We Did Was Fly To The Moon: ‘Gemini 7 was to be a two-week mission with medical experiments conducted… we wanted an ensignia that would signify medicine and endurance, like a long-distance runner’. Lovely, isn’t it?

NASA photo

NASA photo

Embroidered patch


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