Give Up Art

Among other good stuff, Give Up Art are behind the excellent branding, flyers and album artwork for influential radio station Rinse FM and their club night, FWD.

They also art directed the packaging for this album by Headhunter:





“For his debut album Headhunter had recorded each track in a different studio location around the globe – hence the title “Nomad”. Taking this as a starting point the bespoke cover typography references the contour lines found on maps. And inside the CD packaging also plots each of the tracks in relation to their latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

A series of three limited edition 12″ singles were also pressed up. Each featuring a bespoke die-cut sleeve, and pressed on super-bright fluorescent vinyl.”

One Response

  1. hey there WeLoveCreative..
    thanks very much for the feature of our work!
    (All the stuff on our site we’ve designed as well as Art directed by the way)
    : )

    Plus we’ve just put up 2 new projects — a collaborative project with our good friend Photographer Shaun Bloodworth – a set of portraits from some of the leading lights of the Los Angeles beat scene (Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer, and Low End Theory guys…)

    Please take a look at
    and also on Shaun’s site: (hit the LA Dope portfolio, and then the ‘Spread It Like Lurpack’ one)

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!!!


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