The movie title stills collection

Someone very geeky is collecting opening and closing title stills from classic movies. This is shaping up to be a great resource for movie logos and motion graphics. They are gathered here for your pleasure

Picture 9Picture 8


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  1. This post got me chatting with Sean and the opening credits we ended up referencing were all David Fincher’s and were all ace.

    He often, if not always, sub contracts these out but they always reveal a creative way of getting people into a film (while delivering dull information – executive producer arnie fufkin) before it’s even started.

    Fight Club
    Journey through a brain

    Just disturbing, frankly, a brilliant mood setter

    Panic Room
    This is statelier but the use of music and increasingly oblique camera angles increase the tension.

    If you get chance let’s see some more fave opening sequences here… Saul Bass is always, always, good. (also Jenks posted Dr Strangelove’s opening credits earlier)

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