Cigarette Girl — truly great independent film-making

Cigarette Girl is the latest big screen slice of rock’n’roll-infused, dystopian noir from prolific, Memphis-based filmmaker, cartoonist and musician Mike McCarthy. He’s worked with rising director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan) on such projects as MTV’s Emmy Award-winning Five Dollar Cover series; brought the world a host of lowbrow epics (including Elvis Meets The Beatles, “An unpopular movie about the most popular icons of our time”); and helmed promos for The Hives, Japan’s Guitar Wolf and other underground rock’n’roll icons.

Following its world premiere at last year’s Perth Film Festival, it’s looking a cert that Cigarette Girl will score significant international distribution this Summer, and as a stylishly accessible slice of indie cinema, it impresses much more than such expensive genre exercises as Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla. Variety praised Cigarette Girl as “the sort of movie a young Russ Meyer would be making if he had digital cameras and were addicted to graphic novels” and reckoned that it “could smoke out slots at edgier fests”.

From Brian Dixon’s title sequence, which is redolent of the great Saul Bass (Vertigo, et al), to Wheat’s precociously sharp cinematography (using high end video cameras with 70mm lenses for an epic feel), Cigarette Girl is a truly great example of independent film-making.

Brian Dixon's title sequence for Cigarette Girl deservedly reached the final of the SxSw Festival's title competition.

McCarthy’s ultra-stylish, Craig Brewer-assembled showreel…

And the Cigarette Girl trailer…

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