Cigarette Girl — European premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Stop (Word) Press!

Mike McCarthy’s excellent slice of totally independently-made, dystopian big screen noir, Cigarette Girl, as previously blogged about on We Love Creative, is set to receive its European premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Tuesday 22 June.

From the just-released EIFF programme notes:

“Some years into the future, smokers are confined to the outskirts of cities, and the underworld profits handsomely from the illicit trade in cigarettes. After years of selling on the streets, Cigarette Girl is ready to quit both her own habit and her place in the supply chain. But getting out proves far from easy… With a dark, dashing retro comic-book aesthetic, and an eye-wateringly sexy lead performance from bombshell Cori Dials, this is cult heaven.”

EIFF booking details can be found here.

I’ll be up at EIFF to lend Mike a hand with promoting Cigarette Girl, and will be blogging about what transpires from within the belly of the (deep-fried and fairly benign) beast… stay tuned…

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