A blogging game changer

It’s great when you find out about something that makes your mind start running away with what this new discovery means to you.

Posterous.com is exactly one of those things, that’s already changed the way I think about how I’m going to write blogs, and I only discovered it ten minutes ago. It’s that good.

All you do to make a blog is simply send an email to post@posterous.com with words/pictures/videos/MP3s/files – or a combination – and pretty much instantly a mail is sent back to you with a link to all the stuff you’ve sent, as a blog.

You can then either stay as a casual blogger without signing up – posterous automatically collates posts on your blog whenever you mail them from the same email address – or you can claim the blog, signing in and taking advantage of being able to change the looks and so on.

Its very clever stuff, and well worth checking out for a few minutes.


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