“Sorry, sir, there’s no call for letterheads anymore…”

Farenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury's letterhead, circa 1950s

With the predominance of email comms, letterheads have become almost an afterthought. But until the 21stC, they were an important part of the comms kit of businesses, creatives, the great and the, um, deffo not so… A cool blog, Letterheady, features a cornucopia of letterheads, from the overweeningly self-promoting to the understated. Here are just a few examples, from the sublime to the dangerous…

Dietrich may have been able to get away with a single name for ID purposes, but she evidently experienced some trouble writing in a straight line

Relentless, beautiful self-promotion from The Wizard Of Oz author, L Frank Baum

No guesses from whose desk this came...

Luckily, his charge had a mite more taste!

Yes, this was an early letterhead, a later version simply read 'Der Fuhrer'

To read Mr Simon Kirrane’s post wherein he compares vintage letterheads by disparate notables, please click here.

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  1. Great story! Lots of work went into this one. I appreciate that. I see so many story with little content. Come check out my story and let know what you think…?

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