Don’t be a ‘sodcaster’, add some classic EQ…

According to Guardian Guide scribe, Pascal Wyse, the annoyingly tinny tuneage you hear blasting from teens’ mobiles is called a “Sodcast [noun]: Music, on a crowded bus, coming from the speaker on a mobile phone. Sodcasters are terrified of not being noticed, so they spray their audio wee around the place like tomcats.”

A fascinating piece in today’s Graun deals with the aural pollution of ‘sodcasting’, in all of its forms. However, as the article notes, it doesn’t need to involve distorted bass and ear-frying treble.

Happily, there’s an easy option to avoid being tarred with the same sonic brush. If you’re adding a tune to your phone, do everyone a favour and run it through the EQ options in the free audio editor, Audacity. This nifty piece of freeware, which is often packaged with USB turntables as no-frills analogue-to-digital conversion software, also includes a bunch of stellar equalisation options that are based on classic EQ curves of yesteryear. These include ‘Decca FFRR Micro’, which will make your tune sound like a vintage 45rpm record’s blasting out of your phone’s tiny speaker.

Watt-for-watt, the speaker in your phone’s probably equal to that of a mid-1960s transistor radio. Motown’s ‘Hitsville USA’ studio used to mix down their masterpieces through a tranny radio so that their releases would sound great blasting out of same, so adding this EQ curve to your mobile tuneage is a cert for sonic handset satisfaction. It should also preclude the possibility of you getting whacked by an old lady’s handbag on the bus home!


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