Letterpress heaven – Hatch Show Print, Nashville

Opened in Nashville by brothers Herbert and Charles Hatch in 1879, Hatch Show Print is America’s oldest printing business and is still creating beautiful letterpress posters and handbills using its huge library of hand-cut blocks. From Elvis, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to The White Stripes and REM, Hatch has advertised ’em all. And as Hatch still turns out around 600 print jobs each year, t’ain’t goin’ anyplace soon, bub…

Over the decades, Hatch’s work has run from business cards to barn-sized posters advertising travelling minstrel shows and circuses, hence the size of this block!

A 2007 set-up for Nashville’s Grand Old Opry…

Hatch’s interior is as beautiful as its work…

And check out this tour of Hatch, courtesy of the Smithsonian:


2 Responses

  1. Is your A 2007 set-up for Nashville’s Grand Old Opry… for sale? If so can you give me the measurements and price?

    Leenie Stokes
    Smyrna, TN

    • Hi Leenie, this is just a piece about Hatch Show Print, we’re not affiliated with them! You can buy their prints from the Country Music Hall of Fame webstore, here: http://store.countrymusichalloffame.com/categories/Hatch-Show-Print/

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