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“Greetings, grapple fans…”

With the large-scale pomp of the WWF, it’s easy to forget that wrestling (like football) used to be a resolutely down-at-heel kids-to-grannies spectacle that was one toe-hold away from the carnival. Whether it was Kent Walton intoning “Greetings, grapple fans…” on ITV’s World of Sport, ushering in such unforgettable characters as Kendo Nagasaki, or Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler (who taught Andy Kaufman to wrestle!) broadcasting live from a church hall in West Memphis, thrills aplenty were to be had.

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Ski Williams — extreme hand-lettering and illustration

In this age of digital derring-do, it’s easy for bands to put together great-looking gig flyers, posters and artwork for their releases. However, sometimes, there’s no substitute for extreme hand-lettering and illustration. With the prices of original 1960s rock posters by such artists as Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson still rising in value (especially since the publication of The Art of Rock), and modern works by the likes of Coop and Kozik attracting serious attention (they’re documented in Art of Modern Rock), it’s time to praise the UK’s greatest current poster artist, Ski Williams.

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Movies in 6 frames

Little White Lies magazine just held a competition for readers to draw their favourite movies in six comic book frames. There are some humorous results, but I particularly liked the few below. You can view more at the Creative Review Blog site here and subscribe to Little White Lies here.

“Seven” by Mat Bond (runner up)

“2001” by Rich Johnston

“The Wicker Man” by Hurk

StreetMuseum app

This free iPhone app from the Museum of London uses Google Maps and geo-tagging to guide you to locations around London where various historical images of the city will appear overlaid onscreen, as seen below. Nice.

Find out more on Creative Review’s blog, or click here to download it from iTunes.

Information IS Beautiful (And Alarming)

David McCandless and the team at Information Is Beautiful do a wonderful job of interpreting data within a graphic framework, taking often quite complex issues and simplifying them into the visual equiv of a soft caress, followed by a slap in the kisser.

Here’s two recent, disparate examples of their work. Click on the images for larger versions…

Planes or Volcano?

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

Flipping Princess

The Princess Bride has got to be one of my desert island DVDs. I already have the 15th anniversary edition, but the 20th is tempting… Got to love this fabulous ambigram cover design…

Princess Bride 20th edition

Princess Bride 20th edition

Diehard with a letterpress

Innovation and inspiration are what we like to see on welovecreative and often that means that new technology is involved, simply because it’s easy to be innovative with new tech. When people get innovative with tech that’s nearly 600 year’s old that is mightily impressive.

Which is why we’re fans of Stukenborg who have created these beautiful abstract patterns by using blocks of die with a letterpress… and you can buy the prints.

Get Real – The paintings of Alyssa Monks

These spookily realistic painting by Alyssa Monks are getting her lot of attention with stories in the Daily Mail and the New York Post.

Photo Reality 1

photo reality 2

Photo Reality 3

2001 opening credits as performed by school band

Somehow a little less dramatic than the original…

Alberto Seveso

A man of few words, he lets his illustrations do the talking. 

See more of his work here.

Mattias Adolfsson


moleskin 1 

This is how Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson fills his Moleskin sketchbooks. There’s literally thousands of amazing illustrations like these on his blog site…


and digital Moleskin sketchbooks to flick through here, Ceros style…


Lino cut

This is what Mark Webber has been working on for the past 6 months, a massive typographic map of Paris.

He has more stunning Lino prints on his website.

Anna Rusakova’s Moleskin

If you are going to ruin a Moleskin by using it, this is the way to do it…
More here…
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Anna Rusakova's Moleskin notebook

Anna Rusakova's Moleskin notebook