Clone yourself silly…

An enterprising Japanese firm, Clone Factory, have taken cutting edge 3D mapping and printing technologies in another direction entirely, by making it possible to have your head cloned onto a doll of your choosing, such as the unusually cheery Imperial Stormtrooper shown above!

The subject simply takes a seat in the photo studio, where they’re snapped’n’scanned, then a 3D model of their noggin is rendered…

The 3D model is then printed onto a sheet of clay-like material, which is trimmed and coloured, before being fitted to the body of your choice…

The results are scarily accurate!

Creativity test: what’s missing?

Beijing 1989

Fatescapes, a project by Czech artist Pavel Maria Smejkal, takes a number of the 20th C’s most iconic images as its base and taps into the collective cultural consciousness in a most striking manner. The project asks you to work out what’s missing – always the test of a true creative – and re-evalutate your relationship to the subject.

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Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown

This interactive music video for Arcade Fire by those Google chaps shows some of the more amazing stuff possible with HTML5. And it all takes place in your hometown.

Really worth a look.

DIY Internet Chess Table

It’s chess on the internet, and also real life. Ace.

Via Engadget.

StreetMuseum app

This free iPhone app from the Museum of London uses Google Maps and geo-tagging to guide you to locations around London where various historical images of the city will appear overlaid onscreen, as seen below. Nice.

Find out more on Creative Review’s blog, or click here to download it from iTunes.

Try on watches with this augmented reality app

Want to try on the entire range of Tissot watches while sitting at home in your pants? Then you’re in luck!
Go here, download the app, print the paper watch, turn on your webcam and…