Field Notes – share the love

We love Field Notes notebooks and we love print and this video shows why.

That’s the way to promote your product: show people you love what you do and that you’re competent at it.

FuturePlus launches Tesco Tech Support magazine

Here’s a link to the interactive version of our latest Tesco magazine. Or if clicking is too much of an effort for you, pick up a copy on your next visit.

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Spinderella leaves the nest

A sad day for FuturePlus. Watch Steph’s best bits here.

Wishing you a happy new year and a creative new decade…

…from all the FuturePlus crew at WeLoveCreative. Right, we’ve taken a breath, now time for more posts.

It’s official! We create the best specialist communications

We won for Best Specialist Communication for Roland and were highly commended for Integrated Marketing Solution! Click here to see the winners brochure (pages 28 and 33).

Who's that between Martyn and Jenks?

Retro My iMac

The best thing to do to a beautiful, brand new 24-inch iMac. Click the image…


APA Love FuturePlus Creative too!

It’s a record haul of International Customer Publishing Awards nominations this year folks! Which is nice. Here’s the press release…

Future Plus has been shortlisted for five awards at the 2009 International Customer Publishing Awards. Congratulations go to the team for making the final cut in categories such as Editor of the Year and Best Integrated Marketing Solution.

Run by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA), Future’s titles have been picked out to compete against publications from the likes of Redwood, Haymarket and John Brown. Second-round judging begins this week where 50 senior media figures will choose winners in the 25 categories.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 25th November at Old Billingsgate in London.

FuturePlus UK Director Jayne Caple says: “This is the first year that these awards have been opened up to international agencies and as a result the number of entries rose by over 50%. Of course, that makes this news all the sweeter and we are all delighted.

“It’s great to see the teams’ work celebrated in such a way and I’m particularly pleased for Simon Kirrane who seems to be hogging the limelight somewhat with his three shortlisted nominations – a testimony to his talent and skills.”

Here’s the full list of categories in which we’ve been shortlisted:

Best Integrated Marketing Solution – Roland
Editor of the year – Simon Kirrane for Roland
Best membership title – GMB
Best travel leisure title – ODEON
Best specialist communications – Roland

Click here for full list.
Picture 2

When a plan comes together

The short story is, we have lovely craft client whose magazine we produce and they were after a weekly online TV show. The show would feature their star designer, northern lass Clare, chatting to guests and showing readers how to make some very pretty things.

We bounded up the stairs, two at a time, to Wendy, the camera-woman, editing goddess who resides upstairs and told her the score. We looked at the space available and came up with this rather cool concept sketch of how the set would look.

Concept set sketch for Creativity! TV

Concept set sketch for Creativity! TV

When we got the green light, we got in ace set designer Rich and our resident handyman Chris (who welcomed the break from mending soap dispensers) to turn our concept into a real-life set…

The finished set for Creativity! TV

The finished set for Creativity! TV

Our client sent up a lorry load of gorgeous bits and bobs to place in the shelves and we were ready to go. Clare arrived, laden with crafty projects and spent four solid days filming, by herself or accompanied by other chatty designers.

Wendy disappeared into the editing suite for a week or more and emerged with eight superb episodes complete with fancy animated sting. It was loved by all! A most exciting project and we get to do it all over again very soon…

Sheila & Clare talk craft...

Sheila & Clare talk craft...

Let’s settle Cake Tuesday once and for all

The Wall of Fame is changing on a daily basis so let’s finally agree positions prior to Old Mark Donald’s cakefest next week.

Gorgeous oldskool boombox & mix tape wedding invites

ANOTHER wedding invitation? Yes I’ve gone all soft and gooey, but I don’t care because I just love this letterprerss wedding invite. Loooook! The couple’s initial’s are even in the speakers and the love dial’s turned up to max! A certain Clare (deejay) Wells should take a serious look at these for her big day next year. Clare, here’s the link for more pics and details. Everyone else, engagements drinks in The Cork on Friday night folks!

How cool are these?

How cool are these?


Congratulations, Justin…

Illustration: Justin Maller. Photo: Mark Cant.

Illustration: Justin Maller. Photo: Mark Cant.

Among other fancy things that have caught his cool-spotting eye of late, autotune-addled rap dandy Kanye West recently bigged up the wares of talented Australian illustrator Justin Maller on his popular blog.

Justin collaborated with us last year on a feature for Tech in Style, a magazine we produced for Asus. We asked Joby Sessions and Philip Sowels to shoot the brand’s latest and most beautiful laptops and commissioned Justin to really bring the resultant images to life with his distinctive work.


Fans of Mr West should also check out the rather special latest issue of Power On magazine which we created for Roland.

Roland Power On

Where is that bus going?

A neat, effective device, I could see this being used on driving directions, online train maps, cycle routes and walking directions. Also could be very effective for interactive signage in public places – hospitals, libraries, parks, schools, stadiums and even theme parks.

Picture 3

More, less or the same?

GMB – what we learnt this issue #1

This issue of GMB magazine we had a couple of interesting processes and I thought I’d share them with you. You know, because I like to share.

Anyhow, the first thing we had to sort out was an illustration for a piece by Paul Routledge. Paul who does a weekly column for the Daily Mirror did a wake up call piece for the union’s readership warning of the Conservatives plans for the public sector. It’s a heavily political piece and very left leaning so we need an illustrated that captured the power of those words.

Darren Thompson did the illo and a great job he did of it too. As Tina (Glencross art editor) said, “We gave Darren a few ideas, all the copy to read through in case he had a different spin and his response was really swift and really good.”

Here’s a walk through of that process.

The first file we opened was Dave Cameron as Little Boy Blue.

little boy blue

Martin Rowson in The Guardian (who did one of our first illustrations) also depicts Cameron as Little Boy Blue (Steve Bell has him as a jellyfish) but we thought this was a little tame, bearing in mind the impact of Paul’s words.

standing on ruins

We thought this was more like it but that it was a bit too sinister. We wanted the shock and threat of Paul’s words to come across but didn’t want to terrify people with an apocalyptic vision.

Which is when we opened this:


This was perfect.

Tina took the image, which was incredibly low res and dropped it on to a DPS with Paul’s copy and the balance looked great. She also took the legend ‘Return of the Tories’ and turned that into the title for the piece because we loved the balance of that and that whole 50’s b-movie vibe. Then the pdf was sent that back to Darren thusly:


Then, a couple of days later, we got the final illustration back.


I spoke to Darren about it and asked where the inspiration for Godzilla came from. He told me that,  “I really like using 50’s Pulp Fiction illustrations as an inspiration for ideas. They were great style wise, loud colors and lots of action.  They were so horrifying for their time, and now seem so humorous, which fit with the brief.”

Certainly we were happy with the end result and the humour/horror play off means that the end result is really arresting and also let’s the reader know, in an instant, what the feature is about.
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