Learning French through great design

Caroline Fabès is a freelance graphic designer who has created a great little typographical animation for a key scene in Raging Bull

This is the actual scene. With pictures.

The Berg – Think big. No, BIGGER than that

Ever wish you could move mountains? Perhaps you’re thinking about it from the wrong direction. German architect Jakob Tigges has come up with a plan to redevelop the old Templehof airport by ‘building’ a 1000 ft mountain called The Berg (www.the-berg.de). If it ever comes to fruition The Berg would offer skiing from September to March and be the grandest tourist attraction ever conceived. It’s already gathered a lot of public support, so, who knows, if moving mountains seems impossible, perhaps building your own is a better idea.

If you want to get involved they even have their own Facebook page now.

Creative erm… Barcodes?

Thanks to Neil Mohr for these amazing barcodes from Japanese design company d-barcode.com


Random Cutaway Illustration

Totally random image of a cutaway VW camper, beautiful!



VW Camper Cutaway Illustration



“Left v Right” graphic

obviously alot of this is utter rubbish but it looks nice… could work for other ‘subjects’. ie: football teams, countries, xbox v ps3, business models, markets, etc


Yorkshire Saucery. Trickery.

This new work for Yorkshire Saucery  by Shark! sums up everything I love about the smoke and mirrors you can create with packaging. The yellowing paper and hand written font says ‘home made’. The quote  and signature from the ‘chef’ tells you this was lovingly created by one man just for you, hell there’s even a photo of him, Jon’s his name. And the best bit, it’s exclusive to ASDA, one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. That Jon must be a busy man.



Telstar – Flight Thru Instruments

Wonderful Naval flight instruction manual from 1945, beautifully simple infographics, actually make flight seem quite straightforward. Flickr gallery here, and more explanantion here…

Telstar Flight Thru Instruments

Telstar Flight Thru Instruments

Telstar Flight Thru Instruments

Telstar Flight Thru Instruments

Collaborative stop motion graffiti animation…

…could maybe do with a shorter name, but it does what it says on the tin. Blimey.

Great Editorial Illustration

pipe USB

This image was created by Kevin Van Aelst to illustrate a piece in the New York Times concerning dad’s of internet age children who either just do or just don’t get the internet (eg “can I get to my Internet from your computer?”) and I thought it was a great example of getting the imagery just right. The minute you see it you know what the article is about.

It also reminds me of this famous painting by Magritte.Magritte

All the business card inspiration you will ever need!

903 examples of business card loveliness. Flickr gallery here…

Picture 4

Mattias Adolfsson


moleskin 1 

This is how Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson fills his Moleskin sketchbooks. There’s literally thousands of amazing illustrations like these on his blog site…



and digital Moleskin sketchbooks to flick through here, Ceros style…



I √ This

Karl Maier‘s design. Simple, brilliant.


Inky Calendar

An ingenious idea by Oscar Diaz. Here’s how he describes it…

“Ink Calendar make use of the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper to indicate time. The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are ‘printed ‘ daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. The calendar enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it.  The aim of the project is to address our senses, rather than the logical and conscious brain.”





Check it out here. And more of Oscars work here.

Cutthroat Capitalism Feature in Wired Magazine


There’s a wonderfully commissioned illustration in this month’s UK and US Wired Magazine. Concept-wise it seems like quite a simple idea (body copy with the usual boxouts) but what makes it amazing is the collaboration between the illustrators and how it all comes together as a whole. It’s full of really lovely touches. Siggi Eggertsson is responsible for the main visuals and Michael Doret has designed the lettering.

Picture 2

Take a closer look at the feature on the Wired website here…



More work from the artists here…

Siggi Eggertsson



Michael Doret


Lino cut

This is what Mark Webber has been working on for the past 6 months, a massive typographic map of Paris.

He has more stunning Lino prints on his website.

Olly Moss

Remix infographic


Really like this stuff by Olly Moss, who has lots more on his site and Flickr.
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Congratulations, Justin…

Illustration: Justin Maller. Photo: Mark Cant.

Illustration: Justin Maller. Photo: Mark Cant.

Among other fancy things that have caught his cool-spotting eye of late, autotune-addled rap dandy Kanye West recently bigged up the wares of talented Australian illustrator Justin Maller on his popular blog.

Justin collaborated with us last year on a feature for Tech in Style, a magazine we produced for Asus. We asked Joby Sessions and Philip Sowels to shoot the brand’s latest and most beautiful laptops and commissioned Justin to really bring the resultant images to life with his distinctive work.


Fans of Mr West should also check out the rather special latest issue of Power On magazine which we created for Roland.

Roland Power On

A different way to look at copy

Word clouds are nothing new, but  wordle is an easy, fun way to create them. You can play with the number of ‘hot words’ used, the colour set, orientation of the words… there are also a funky set of fonts on offer. But the real reason for my post is this: have you ever thought of creating a word cloud to see copy you’ve written in a new light? Since the relative size of words within the cloud is dictated by its frequency in the excerpt you use, it’s a leftfield way of keeping an eye on repetition, or even just to get a feel for the kind of language you’ve been using. Try it.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

Anna Rusakova’s Moleskin

If you are going to ruin a Moleskin by using it, this is the way to do it…
More here…
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Anna Rusakova's Moleskin notebook

Anna Rusakova's Moleskin notebook


Is this the best business card ever?

I SO want one of these next time we reprint. We could put ‘content’ in the search field followed by Did you mean: www.futureplus.co.uk
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Such a cool business card

Such a cool business card

Space Shuttle Infographic

Look at the rendering!

A BBC Ceefax infographic from 1981, beautiful for its simplicity, and the limitations of the medium. 
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Creative erm… Urinals

Couldnt resist posting this, the gents urinals at my new local garden centre. I challenge anyone to post a picture of a more ‘creative’ urinal!

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way responsible for those two drips on the floor

You wash, I’ll dry


Designer tea towel site, To Dry For, flew around the office on various emails this week. The consensus is that tea towels are a great way to display brilliant illustration while drying the pots. Plus it’s a welcome relief from the many t-shirt, screen printing collectives that pop up online straight after graduation. Also Trellick Tower (pictured above) is one of the last things us Bath-based, Future Plus folk see before our train pulls into Paddington Station (simply look left just before you pull into the station).
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GMB – what we learnt this issue #1

This issue of GMB magazine we had a couple of interesting processes and I thought I’d share them with you. You know, because I like to share.

Anyhow, the first thing we had to sort out was an illustration for a piece by Paul Routledge. Paul who does a weekly column for the Daily Mirror did a wake up call piece for the union’s readership warning of the Conservatives plans for the public sector. It’s a heavily political piece and very left leaning so we need an illustrated that captured the power of those words.

Darren Thompson did the illo and a great job he did of it too. As Tina (Glencross art editor) said, “We gave Darren a few ideas, all the copy to read through in case he had a different spin and his response was really swift and really good.”

Here’s a walk through of that process.

The first file we opened was Dave Cameron as Little Boy Blue.

little boy blue

Martin Rowson in The Guardian (who did one of our first illustrations) also depicts Cameron as Little Boy Blue (Steve Bell has him as a jellyfish) but we thought this was a little tame, bearing in mind the impact of Paul’s words.

standing on ruins

We thought this was more like it but that it was a bit too sinister. We wanted the shock and threat of Paul’s words to come across but didn’t want to terrify people with an apocalyptic vision.

Which is when we opened this:


This was perfect.

Tina took the image, which was incredibly low res and dropped it on to a DPS with Paul’s copy and the balance looked great. She also took the legend ‘Return of the Tories’ and turned that into the title for the piece because we loved the balance of that and that whole 50’s b-movie vibe. Then the pdf was sent that back to Darren thusly:


Then, a couple of days later, we got the final illustration back.


I spoke to Darren about it and asked where the inspiration for Godzilla came from. He told me that,  “I really like using 50’s Pulp Fiction illustrations as an inspiration for ideas. They were great style wise, loud colors and lots of action.  They were so horrifying for their time, and now seem so humorous, which fit with the brief.”

Certainly we were happy with the end result and the humour/horror play off means that the end result is really arresting and also let’s the reader know, in an instant, what the feature is about.
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