ID badges as art

In these days of ID cards and passports that routinely use biometrics, thumb prints, retina identification, smart chips, etc, to check who you are, it’s nice to remember that these could also be art, your face used to be your ticket, and that lamination is essentially a dirty word.

Take a close gander at this inspiring collection of vintage American employee ID badges, and repeat after us, “I am not defined by a magnetised strip…”

The best internet cafe EVER!

Best unboxing ever

There’s not really much more to say about this than read the headline, then watch the video. It’s really good:

Zimbardo – The Secret Powers of Time

There are three things worth noting about this short film.

1 There’s an innovative theory on how different people and cultures view the world.

2 It’s really well animated.

3 This Zimbardo man is the famous chap behind the Stanford Prison Experiment

If Comic Sans Could Speak

McSweeney’s is a brilliant site at the best of times but this imagined sideswipe at designer elitism from Comic Sans is genius.


Sample Quote:
It doesn’t even matter what you think. You know why, jagoff? Cause I’m famous. I am on every major operating system since Microsoft @£$%ing Bob. I’m in your signs. I’m in your browsers. I’m in your instant messengers. I’m not just a font. I am a force of mother@£$%ing nature and I will not rest until every uptight armchair typographer @£$%-hat like you is surrounded by my lovable, comic-book inspired, sans-serif badassery.

You know what? I still hate Comic Sans.

The world’s most inadvisable business card?

During this period, Iggy seemed hell bent on destroying his career

A business card can be a beautiful thing, its form reflecting the authority of the bearer and their enterprise. It can also go spectacularly wrong…

Iggy & The Stooges' business card, circa 1974 — translation: 'Don't hire us'!

What Japanese kids do at school

Did you ever do anything this good the whole time you were at school?

Sure I built Bradford-on-Avon’s Saxon church out of cardboard, but I never made an awesome stop motion Mario run round my classroom.

One for the Design Geeks – TFL Design Guidelines

Forget the wonderful timeless Transport for London design anyway, the guidelines themsleves are a work of art. Click here…

“Off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush”

Ellroy's prime source material - propaganda disguised as a TV tie-in!

Noir icon James Ellroy is well known for his almost seamless blending of fact and fiction, but a recent chance purchase of a copy of 1940s magazine On The QT at a market stall in Bath popped another piece of his creative puzzle into place.

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Fresh Dates – The Worst Self Publicists In History

Fashions may come and go (and all these fashions have happily fled) but the art of self promotion is still as strong as ever. If you are considering selling yourself on do the opposite of these men.

Sample quote:
“I’m interested in pretty much every stage of data processing.”

Fenistril Skin Creams Ad Campaign

Stunning photography and post-production by Saatchi and Saatchi Switzerland for skin creams of all things!

Fenistil Burn

Fenistil Scratch

Fenistil Sting

The Apple Motherload

The Newton, the original iPad!

To celebrate the launch of the iPad here in the UK, how about a shed load of Apple Advertisements dating back over 30 years. Click here for the gallery…

Can’t hang wallpaper?

If wallpapering has always filled you with dread, an easy, unique and eco-friendly way to finish-off a room is to use vintage magazines or newspapers. Here’s a feature wall we made earlier, using half a dozen French fashion magazines from the 1930s picked up at a car boot sale, scissors, a pot of PVA glue and a wallpaper brush. Total time spent: 90 minutes. Total cost: £8. Result: boudoir-tastic!

Alice For The iPad

“Just how,” people inquire, earnestly and with furrowed brows, “just how will the iPad make reading different?”

If you get an earnest, brow-furrowed inquiry simply thrust this in their phiz, it’s brilliant!

There’s a making of interview on the just-launched The Literary Platform.

Monopoly Hotel Bus Shelter

When it comes to promoting the Minnesota State Lottery, Colle+McVoy got creative on their assets.

Diehard with a letterpress

Innovation and inspiration are what we like to see on welovecreative and often that means that new technology is involved, simply because it’s easy to be innovative with new tech. When people get innovative with tech that’s nearly 600 year’s old that is mightily impressive.

Which is why we’re fans of Stukenborg who have created these beautiful abstract patterns by using blocks of die with a letterpress… and you can buy the prints.

Sew cool

The craft contingent (the Creativity & Coats crew) at F+ were most intrigued by this amazing sewing maching – the Leitfaden. Not only does it project the sewing pattern on to the fabric, it has an in-built inking system to match the colour of the yarn to your fabric… we kid you not, all you need is a swatch of the material! Designed by Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller the Leitfaden (which we think sort of translates as thread leader/manager) doesn’t even look like a sewing machine, more like a spaceship. There’s a matching table and wireless pedal to boot. Yum.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Sponsorship Ads

By DDB London, try and guess the films, and don’t cheat by looking at the filenames.

Smuin Ballet Company Posters

Stunning Smuin Ballet Company Poster campaign by Evolution Bureau, USA

Parkour Flip Book – Extreme Animation

This works brilliantly, it’s fresh, captures the dynamism of the pastime and it’s just about torn paper…

Another iPad concept – this time for Marie Claire and by our friends at Ceros

Curious one this, in that Ceros is a Flash-based platform and the Flash is like Kryptonite or at least Lex Luthor to the iPad.

Great Travel Hangers of our Time

The Rethink Hanger is a brilliant piece of lateral thinking… just look at the pics to get the concept, available to buy now at just $7.99.

Creative use of stairs for advertising

Drink fat Coke? You could use the exercise.

The perfect Jeep ad.

A creative reminder to donate your books to the Literacy Association.

Get organised at Ikea.

An clever awareness campaign for the American Disability Association.

Tips for better ideas

Watch this before every brainstorm.

Pop Culture Retreads

There has been trend in 2009 for designers to take slices of popular culture and mash them up with old skool design. It looks like it’s an idea that isn’t running out of steam any time soon as Stéphane Massa-Bidal has shown with the latest incarnation – his series of internet phenoms as 1960’s style Pelican Classics.

Olly Moss was the first one out of the blocks with his revamped film posters and video games as books – all very Saul Bass.

M S Corley gave us books as, wait for it… books. Again heavily influenced by Bass.

It’s a great way for great designers to stretch their legs, but then no one is saying the originals weren’t brilliant either, right? Go here to see a great Pelican books resource.

Learning French through great design

Caroline Fabès is a freelance graphic designer who has created a great little typographical animation for a key scene in Raging Bull

This is the actual scene. With pictures.

Great CSP Photo Shoot

Check out some examples from the great photoshoot by Jesse Wild and Joby Sessions from Future’s in-house photo Studio, shot at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists offices in Birmingham. Flickr gallery here…


CSP Photo Shoot


This TV ad by agency Leo Burnett for McDonalds is creating a lot of controversy at the moment. Voiced by actor David Morrissey sounding very much like Roger McGough, in a style reminisent of Auden’s Night Train, the poem was actually written by the agencies copywriters borrowing lines from of all things a Rolf Harris poem. Quite a mash up.