Print your Facebook friends…

…and put them on your wall. Your real wall. No not your Facebook wall. What? Yes they’re your real friends. Well some of them. You know how it is. Yes, sometimes it IS awkward to say no. Er, what were we talking about? I’m quite confused.

Just watch the video below or buy your own friends poster from

The most creative annual report ever?

Wondering how Sainsbury’s have been performing in 2010? You betcha!!
Excited about downloading the latest 200 page annual report pdf? Then you’re going to explode when you see their 3D interactive Sims-style store, complete with shopping list of the year’s performance.
Brilliant solution to a largely dull subject. Click the image to visit the report.

Great film posters

We first became aware of this guy’s work when Hollywood director Jon Favreau tweeted a hand drawn poster for Iron Man II earlier this year.

The illustrator’s name is Tyler Stout, who hails from Washington in the States. He’s spent years caught up watching films and honing his craft, and it’s through this focus that you can see why he didn’t have a girlfriend until he was in his early 20s.

But it’s that kind of love for the subject matter that’s paid off in his later life, getting commissions to produce brilliantly observed re-imagings of current and classic movie posters.

We’re hugely keen on his ‘Kuato Lives’ Total Recall poster – the ‘two weeeeeeeeeks’ head is great – but all of his posters bring something to the party that hasn’t been seen in film posters for years.

Let’s hope we see a return to these sorts of promo values in the near future – all of our lives would be the better for it.

For more of Tyler’s work, stop by at his website – you may even be able to pick yourself up a print, but you’ll need to be quick!

Experience a normal day in 2014

Nice conceptual work on the future of screen technology – particularly like the desk, stretchy phone screen and the phone picture sharing. All that info on the bathroom mirror would be annoying though. And if I was a user interface specialist, I’m not sure I’d name my company ‘TAT’.

Made by Fudge

Some bright spark: ‘I know, lets make the website look like a web design programme, cos’ that’s what we do’ Recipe for disaster you might think, Fudge pull it off beautifuly… (grab the guides!)

Made by Fudge

Elektra hits 60 — art and commerce in perfect harmony

The label’s masterpiece? Love’s third album, 1967’s Forever Changes.

Elektra records is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, and as far as independently-minded, hugely successful labels are concerned, it’s managed to surf atop six decades of musical mayhem with great aplomb, maintaining a textbook mix of art and commerce — from Love and the Doors, through the Stooges, MC5 and New York Dolls, to Charlotte Gainsbourg, Björk and Cee-Lo Green.

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Introducing… Twitter Parade!

Well this is fun. Once. Hit this link, enter your favourite Twitter ID and watch your very own Twitter parade of followers walk past complete with avatar heads and recent tweet speach bubbles. Very cute.

Stunning future vintage ads

These gorgeous retro ads were created by Moma Propaganda for the ‘Everything Ages Fast’ ad campaign. Ridiculous as it seems, these four internet powerhouses WILL seems antiquated in about 10 years. Enjoy.

The best internet cafe EVER!

DIY Internet Chess Table

It’s chess on the internet, and also real life. Ace.

Via Engadget.

Twitter traffic as contoured landscape

There’s a piece over at the Londonist which has alerted us to this brilliant map.

Created by Fabian Neuhaus, at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, it shows London Twitter traffic as a contoured landscape.

It’s really cool stuff, and we especially like the detail of renaming London’s zones to reflect that they’re now peaks and valleys – Deptford Tor being a particular favourite.

Nauhaus is creating some fantastic stuff on his UrbanTick blog, which is well worth a few minutes of your time, if this Twitter map has got you all a bit excited.

Google Pac-Man costs 4.82 million productivity hours in one day

When Google launched its playable Pac-Man 30th anniversary Google Doodle last Friday, they thought it might be popular, but not quadruple visit times!
RescueTime, makers of productivity tracking and optimisation software found the following…
• 4,819,352 hours of time lost. This is above the 33.6 million man hours of attention Google gets on a regular day.
• More than $120 million in lost productivity, assuming the cost of the average Google user is $25 an hour (that’s pay plus benefits).
• For that same cost, you could hire all 19,835 google employees, from Larry and Sergey down to their janitors, and get 6 weeks of their time.

Thanks Kotaku

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Creative Directors self-Google too!

When five top advertising Creative Directors Googled themselves, they got a message from this guy asking for a job. Could $6 worth of Google Adwords really work?

What does your website look like on the iPad?

You can find out by visiting iPadPeek. Here’s ours…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google in one MASSIVE infographic

The internet – it’s doing rather well

That was the Google year that was

The 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist is here spurting out details on our searching habits during the last 12 months. Here are some of the global and UK highlights. The full list is here. Tesco Direct as the number four global food and drink search is a surprise. Stunned that there are no references to more grubby search terms too.*


Fastest Rising Searches (Global)
1. michael jackson
2. facebook
3. tuenti
4. twitter
5. sanalika
6. new moon
7. lady gaga
8. windows 7
10. torpedo gratis

Fastest Falling Searches (Global)
1. beijing 2008
2. euro 2008
3. heath ledger
4. barack obama
5. amy winehouse
6. kraloyun
7. dailymotion
8. bebo
9. wii
10. emule

Fastest Rising Entertainment Searches (Global)
1. michael jackson
2. transformers
3. eminem
4. naruto shippuden
5. beyonce
6. peliculas id
7. paranormal activity
8. anime online
9. natasha richardson
10. poker face lyrics

Fastest Rising Food & Drink Searches (Global)
1. acai berry
2. picnic
3. クックパッド
4. tesco direct
5. senseo
6. peanut butter recall
7. nespresso commande
8. habibs delivery
9. mocktail
10. masterchef australia


Fastest Rising Searches (UK)
1. facebook
2. jogos
3. ebay uk
4. yahoo mail
5. hotmail
6. bbc iplayer
7. hi5
8. stephen gately
9. bing
10. spotify

Most Popular Searches (UK)
1. facebook
2. bbc
3. youtube
4. hotmail
5. games
6. ebay
7. news
8. google
9. yahoo
10. bebo

Hottest news searches (UK)
1. swine flu
2. susan boyle
3. jade goody
4. robert pattison
5. rihanna
6. michael jackson
7. google maps
8. twitter
9. stephen gately
10. iran

Hottest tickets searches (UK)
1. lady gaga
2. michael jackson
3. taylor swift
4. whitney houston
5. pixies
6. jls
7. beyonce
8. green day
9. tinchy stryder
10. u2

*Come on, let’s be honest with ourselves.

Learning French through great design

Caroline Fabès is a freelance graphic designer who has created a great little typographical animation for a key scene in Raging Bull

This is the actual scene. With pictures.

The Berg – Think big. No, BIGGER than that

Ever wish you could move mountains? Perhaps you’re thinking about it from the wrong direction. German architect Jakob Tigges has come up with a plan to redevelop the old Templehof airport by ‘building’ a 1000 ft mountain called The Berg ( If it ever comes to fruition The Berg would offer skiing from September to March and be the grandest tourist attraction ever conceived. It’s already gathered a lot of public support, so, who knows, if moving mountains seems impossible, perhaps building your own is a better idea.

If you want to get involved they even have their own Facebook page now.

Great Editorial Illustration

pipe USB

This image was created by Kevin Van Aelst to illustrate a piece in the New York Times concerning dad’s of internet age children who either just do or just don’t get the internet (eg “can I get to my Internet from your computer?”) and I thought it was a great example of getting the imagery just right. The minute you see it you know what the article is about.

It also reminds me of this famous painting by Magritte.Magritte

2001 opening credits as performed by school band

Somehow a little less dramatic than the original…

The Bible According To Google Earth



Scenes from that book “The Bible” as seen by Google Earth. Moses parting the Red Sea (top) and the crucifixion (bottom). Images made by Sydney-based The Glue Society.

Also check out their pigeon statue…


A different way to look at copy

Word clouds are nothing new, but  wordle is an easy, fun way to create them. You can play with the number of ‘hot words’ used, the colour set, orientation of the words… there are also a funky set of fonts on offer. But the real reason for my post is this: have you ever thought of creating a word cloud to see copy you’ve written in a new light? Since the relative size of words within the cloud is dictated by its frequency in the excerpt you use, it’s a leftfield way of keeping an eye on repetition, or even just to get a feel for the kind of language you’ve been using. Try it.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

More, less or the same?