iPad Light Painting

Dentsu London clearly bored with their iPads already have found a magical way of creating ‘light sculptures’ using stop frame-animation. Click the images to view the video…


Now THAT’S how you demo a magazine app!

Most magazine app demos are pretty dry and serious affairs, usually involving an earnest man at his desk systematically taking the viewer through every page of his ‘important’ publication. The New Yorker has taken a different approach…

The Times’ iPad Infographics

Great interactive infographics from Applied Works for The Times’ £9.99 iPad app. Video below…

Technology comes full circle

The best iPad peripheral ever? Order one new or just grab a DIY kit for your own typewriter here. Or don’t.

How to minimise iPad muggability

This Japanese subway user makes the perfect iPad disguise.

iPad + Velcro =


The Apple Motherload

The Newton, the original iPad!

To celebrate the launch of the iPad here in the UK, how about a shed load of Apple Advertisements dating back over 30 years. Click here for the gallery…

Alice For The iPad

“Just how,” people inquire, earnestly and with furrowed brows, “just how will the iPad make reading different?”

If you get an earnest, brow-furrowed inquiry simply thrust this in their phiz, it’s brilliant!

There’s a making of interview on the just-launched The Literary Platform.