From Russia with stuff

And good stuff at that. Dmitry Raspopov has worked on lots of nice things for Russia’s Secret Firmy and Interni magazines.

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“Off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush”

Ellroy's prime source material - propaganda disguised as a TV tie-in!

Noir icon James Ellroy is well known for his almost seamless blending of fact and fiction, but a recent chance purchase of a copy of 1940s magazine On The QT at a market stall in Bath popped another piece of his creative puzzle into place.

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Movies in 6 frames

Little White Lies magazine just held a competition for readers to draw their favourite movies in six comic book frames. There are some humorous results, but I particularly liked the few below. You can view more at the Creative Review Blog site here and subscribe to Little White Lies here.

“Seven” by Mat Bond (runner up)

“2001” by Rich Johnston

“The Wicker Man” by Hurk

Can’t hang wallpaper?

If wallpapering has always filled you with dread, an easy, unique and eco-friendly way to finish-off a room is to use vintage magazines or newspapers. Here’s a feature wall we made earlier, using half a dozen French fashion magazines from the 1930s picked up at a car boot sale, scissors, a pot of PVA glue and a wallpaper brush. Total time spent: 90 minutes. Total cost: £8. Result: boudoir-tastic!

FuturePlus launches Tesco Tech Support magazine

Here’s a link to the interactive version of our latest Tesco magazine. Or if clicking is too much of an effort for you, pick up a copy on your next visit.

New Spin cover – unzipped…

The latest issue of US music magazine SPIN has a perforated “zip” cover. Nice idea but shame it’s not a real zip like on the famous Rolling Stones album cover “Sticky Fingers”.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Sponsorship Ads

By DDB London, try and guess the films, and don’t cheat by looking at the filenames.