Glamour Girl

So, as anyone who’s ever worked with me will know, I get very, very excited about US Glamour magazine. Not the handbag-sized UK version but my proper, I-can-only-get-this-on-subscription copy, which arrives with a sexy thump every month on my doormat.

Why I like it? Because it works so damn hard to please its readers. Just check out this cover from Jan 2009…

1 Okay, so the cover star’s Britney. Ho hum. But hang on – she looks normal… cute even. Like the white shirt. And she’s admitting she went off the rails, too? Good work, I want to know more.

2 Colour combos – they do this so well. A fresh, clean cover, lots of white space, whammed up with hot pinks and fire-engine reds. It’s tasty and it’s screaming ‘buy me’.

3 Cover lines – now this is the science bit. How much do you want to read this issue? How well do they know their readers?  ‘100 perfect outfits that are already in your closet’ – yes please. ‘The #1 Thing That Makes Sex Very, Very Good’ – sex and clothes? Yay. ‘8 Slim Down Tricks Smart Women Swear By’ – clothes and sex and getting thin and you’re saying I’m a smart woman too. Newsagent, here’s my money. Please let me be a Glamour Girl forever.
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Delete cover image, print towel

That tricky beach magazine distribution problem finally solved. I could see this working for Sky Movies magazine at Cannes.
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playboy towel