Number plate FAIL!

The VW Combi fans who recently managed to create this fabulous piece of car art in a field off the M4 didn’t really think through the number plate — is that a V or a W?

What Japanese kids do at school

Did you ever do anything this good the whole time you were at school?

Sure I built Bradford-on-Avon’s Saxon church out of cardboard, but I never made an awesome stop motion Mario run round my classroom.

Teaching a new phone old tricks

The Hipstamatic app turns your iPhone into a selection of vintage cameras (with a variety of brands of decaying film). You can choose your own combination of equipment to get the result you’re after, or throw caution to the wind and get a random selection of camera and film by shaking the iPhone around a bit.

If the three standard cameras and films aren’t enough, you can buy alternatives within the app. Here at welovecreative we’re rather fond of the Kaimal Mark II lens and Kodot Verichrome film combo.

Check out the pics below of the esteemed Mr J. Hutton (FuturePlus Production Editor and lover of all things The Past), all shot using random combinations. For more, take a look at this excellent Hipstamatic Flickr pool.

Great CSP Photo Shoot

Check out some examples from the great photoshoot by Jesse Wild and Joby Sessions from Future’s in-house photo Studio, shot at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists offices in Birmingham. Flickr gallery here…


CSP Photo Shoot

Random Cutaway Illustration

Totally random image of a cutaway VW camper, beautiful!



VW Camper Cutaway Illustration



Big Headed Designer Genius

This is the best use of downtime I’ve ever seen, Eric Testroete gives a full and frank description of how to achieve this on his website… essentially he uses 3ds Max and photoshop and a load of paper and created a wireframe of his head and printed it out. Clever chap that Eric.




Hema Paper Branding – thinking outside of the box

Sometimes what’s on the outside of the box really makes a difference to what you think of what’s inside the box.hema1hema2hema3