IBM: Smarter Planet

These ads were made for IBM and their project ‘Smarter Planet‘. Ads created by Ogilvy South Africa,

Filthy Media Stationary

I could eat this. Beautiful design and print for Filthy Media’s stationary.

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe

Well it beats sending your clients a chocolate Santa I suppose. Jaw dropping design and production.

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe

Stunning Goodyear Brand Guidelines

Amazing Goodyear Corporate Brand Guidlines book, click here for more…

Stats entertainment

Here’s a creative problem for you – how do you present 120,000 numbers covering data from 200 countries over 200 years to show average income and life expectancy trends in four genuinely compelling minutes?

The man’s a genius!

Try faking it!

Brian Eno chats to Jarvis Cocker about how he tried to tame creativity with a pack of cards in the shape of his Oblique Strategies (buy/wiki). The cards were produced to be consulted randomly in the event of one finding oneself in a high pressure creative situation (a recording studio, say?) And giving tips like: Work at a different speed, Use an old idea, Try faking it! and my favourite, State the problem in words as clearly as possible.

The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

By Jon Rafman. More info here, and lots more examples on his Tumblr.