Still state of the (street) art

Filmmaker, author and photographer Henry Chalfant, the director of much-loved early-1980s hip hop street art documentary, Style Wars, has just launched a new website that is set to feature his astonishing Big Grafitti Archive. Henry’s portfolio features countless breathtaking shots that effectively helped to communicate grafitti art to the rest of the world, and he plans to make the Big Graffiti Archive available as a DVD set. That’s one for the OG Christmas list, then. Click on the image above to check the subway car in all of its glory.

Another ingredient in the crucible of hip hop, New York’s street gang culture, is explored in Rubble Kings, a new documentary from director Shan Nicholson that’s currently on the film festival circuit. Check the trailer below…

Print your Facebook friends…

…and put them on your wall. Your real wall. No not your Facebook wall. What? Yes they’re your real friends. Well some of them. You know how it is. Yes, sometimes it IS awkward to say no. Er, what were we talking about? I’m quite confused.

Just watch the video below or buy your own friends poster from

Made by Fudge

Some bright spark: ‘I know, lets make the website look like a web design programme, cos’ that’s what we do’ Recipe for disaster you might think, Fudge pull it off beautifuly… (grab the guides!)

Made by Fudge

Introducing… Twitter Parade!

Well this is fun. Once. Hit this link, enter your favourite Twitter ID and watch your very own Twitter parade of followers walk past complete with avatar heads and recent tweet speach bubbles. Very cute.

2010 Social Networking World Map

Every world needs a map so why should the world of social networking be any different? Bear in mind that just five years ago Facebook wouldn’t have even been on here! Great stats and actually made me laugh (although I am a proper nerd, so keep those comedy expectations low Muggles). Click image to embiggen…

Gorgeous interactive World Cup calendar

Very pleasing Flash World Cup calendar.

And a slightly less successful version for World Cup 94…

A blogging game changer

It’s great when you find out about something that makes your mind start running away with what this new discovery means to you. is exactly one of those things, that’s already changed the way I think about how I’m going to write blogs, and I only discovered it ten minutes ago. It’s that good.

All you do to make a blog is simply send an email to with words/pictures/videos/MP3s/files – or a combination – and pretty much instantly a mail is sent back to you with a link to all the stuff you’ve sent, as a blog.

You can then either stay as a casual blogger without signing up – posterous automatically collates posts on your blog whenever you mail them from the same email address – or you can claim the blog, signing in and taking advantage of being able to change the looks and so on.

Its very clever stuff, and well worth checking out for a few minutes.