Genius in-store marketing

How would you demonstrate just how light the MacBook Air really is?

Creative influencers

Here’s a really well made short documentary on how trends and creativity become contagious, focussing on New York’s creative influencers (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment). Just read that back and I’ve managed to make it sound really wanky. It’s dead good honest.

Write the future

Nike aren’t too shabby at them there adverts. Stunning.

Creative Directors self-Google too!

When five top advertising Creative Directors Googled themselves, they got a message from this guy asking for a job. Could $6 worth of Google Adwords really work?

Very clever ad

Why we still love Japanese TV ads

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to buy some Calbee crisps!

Monopoly Hotel Bus Shelter

When it comes to promoting the Minnesota State Lottery, Colle+McVoy got creative on their assets.

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Sponsorship Ads

By DDB London, try and guess the films, and don’t cheat by looking at the filenames.

Smuin Ballet Company Posters

Stunning Smuin Ballet Company Poster campaign by Evolution Bureau, USA

Creative use of stairs for advertising

Drink fat Coke? You could use the exercise.

The perfect Jeep ad.

A creative reminder to donate your books to the Literacy Association.

Get organised at Ikea.

An clever awareness campaign for the American Disability Association.

Another, just beautiful, Google promo reel

Remember that History Of Google video I posted a month or so ago? Well they’re at it again, or, rather BBH New York are at it again. This latest promo for Google’s Chrome browser is, er, well, enchanting actually. And it’s about a new web browser – subjects don’t get much drabber.

Turn the page and deliver the package

Loving this transparent DHL ad insert thingy (you try and summarise it in seven words). That’s it. They’ve cracked it. DHL can’t communicate express delivery any better than this. Just keep running this ad forever.

Unbelievably impressive stop motion camera ad

The time it must have taken to create this Olympus promo makes my head hurt. I absolutely love it! I’m still sticking with my Sony snapper though.

The IDEO Shopping Cart Challenge

In 1999 ABC challenged leading product design firm IDEO to come up with a new take on something everyday. The shopping cart. They had five days – this films shows the process and the end result.

It’s ten years since the first airing of ABC’s challenge to IDEO to create a shopping cart. It helped establish the latter as one of the biggest product design firms in the world (and the focus of many academic studies*) and it still has the power to teach us how to be creative even if some of the ideas have been refined.

It’s also worth noting that two of the main concepts they come up with in their five-day design are standard today.

* “Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll find countless numbers of books on innovation. In many of them you’ll find chapters detailing a man named David Kelley, and his company, IDEO Product Development.”
– Virtual Advisor Inc.

Art & Copy trailer

Even though this documentary is about US rather than UK ad creatives, it’s still a big screen documentary about creatives. A rare thing and it looks good! Here’s the HD trailer followed by the official blurb…

ART & COPY is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray (SURFWISE, SCRATCH, HYPE!), it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry. Exploding forth from advertising’s “creative revolution” of the 1960s, these artists and writers all brought a surprisingly rebellious spirit to their work in a business more often associated with mediocrity or manipulation: George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others featured in ART & COPY were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. They managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads are brought to light in this dynamic exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion.

Weight expectations

I can’t work out if this Fitness First bus shelter campaign is likely to attract or annoy potential customers, but the concept is stupidly simple and very clever.
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Weighting for the bus

Weighting for the bus

They are watching us…

Careful where you get your ‘inspiration’


Suck it and sea

I love this. German Pasta maker, Mondo Pasta, created these playful ads for boats moored at the popular Hamburg harbour. The tagline reads “Mondo Pasta, so good you can’t let go”.
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Sea slurp pasta ad

Sea slurp pasta ad

Such a simple idea

Such a simple idea

Sometimes the simplest ideas…

Shouldn’t it just be the law for all clubs to have these stamps? Genius. Bookmark and Share

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea

Roller babies

Is this brilliantly or shabbily done? I can’t decide, but I like it…
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