Got plenty of toner and some time on your hands?

Just print out 285 pages to create 750 parts, put aside 245 hours and you too could have your own papercraft scale model 2012 Audi A7!

Field Notes – share the love

We love Field Notes notebooks and we love print and this video shows why.

That’s the way to promote your product: show people you love what you do and that you’re competent at it.

How to take a wedding photo

Along with pictures of cats and babies wedding photography can often seem tired and predictable. Nevertheless Katie Day manages to capture the event without the usual mawkish clichés.

The Little Apple – New York as Toytown in The Sandpit

We first showed a tilt shift movie with the video Little Big Berlin and this film, which makes shots of New York seem like a toy town is also a must-see. Surely it’s only a matter of time before this technique is brought to wider public attention in a music video, advertisement or film – it’s an innovative, charming and quirky way to show a city at work.

2010 Social Networking World Map

Every world needs a map so why should the world of social networking be any different? Bear in mind that just five years ago Facebook wouldn’t have even been on here! Great stats and actually made me laugh (although I am a proper nerd, so keep those comedy expectations low Muggles). Click image to embiggen…

Diehard with a letterpress

Innovation and inspiration are what we like to see on welovecreative and often that means that new technology is involved, simply because it’s easy to be innovative with new tech. When people get innovative with tech that’s nearly 600 year’s old that is mightily impressive.

Which is why we’re fans of Stukenborg who have created these beautiful abstract patterns by using blocks of die with a letterpress… and you can buy the prints.

Smuin Ballet Company Posters

Stunning Smuin Ballet Company Poster campaign by Evolution Bureau, USA

The Book Cover Archive

If you like design and books and typefaces and imagery and reading then the Book Cover Archive is a great place to spend a little time. In the meantime here are a few of our favourites.

Parkour Flip Book – Extreme Animation

This works brilliantly, it’s fresh, captures the dynamism of the pastime and it’s just about torn paper…

Another iPad concept – this time for Marie Claire and by our friends at Ceros

Curious one this, in that Ceros is a Flash-based platform and the Flash is like Kryptonite or at least Lex Luthor to the iPad.

Random Cutaway Illustration

Totally random image of a cutaway VW camper, beautiful!



VW Camper Cutaway Illustration



Get Real – The paintings of Alyssa Monks

These spookily realistic painting by Alyssa Monks are getting her lot of attention with stories in the Daily Mail and the New York Post.

Photo Reality 1

photo reality 2

Photo Reality 3

Gorgeous oldskool boombox & mix tape wedding invites

ANOTHER wedding invitation? Yes I’ve gone all soft and gooey, but I don’t care because I just love this letterprerss wedding invite. Loooook! The couple’s initial’s are even in the speakers and the love dial’s turned up to max! A certain Clare (deejay) Wells should take a serious look at these for her big day next year. Clare, here’s the link for more pics and details. Everyone else, engagements drinks in The Cork on Friday night folks!

How cool are these?

How cool are these?


Amazing Folding Bike

There are a lot of issues with this bike…. but on an initial viewing it’s amazing.

Just don’t ask where the chain is or why you never see it folded back together just a shot of unfolding it played backwards. I’d have one though and if it came with panniers it could be a shopping cart.

Massive multi-touch, multi-user music wall

Check out Obscura Digital’s just launched and properly amazing memorabilia wall at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas. When I say ‘check out’ I mean watch the video. Don’t go booking flights or anything.


Makes the iPod Touch look a little primative

Makes the iPod Touch look a little primitive

Mattias Adolfsson


moleskin 1 

This is how Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson fills his Moleskin sketchbooks. There’s literally thousands of amazing illustrations like these on his blog site…


and digital Moleskin sketchbooks to flick through here, Ceros style…


Lino cut

This is what Mark Webber has been working on for the past 6 months, a massive typographic map of Paris.

He has more stunning Lino prints on his website.

Helvetica Moleskin

I have a lovely collection of Moleskins, all of which I can’t bring myself to defile by actually writing in them, and this beauty would be no exception. Only 500 available in Asia at around £100.
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