When JMM met 007…

Cigarette Girl director JMM is still in a state of post-Connery shock, while producer Adam Hoenberg just looks dazed.

Very possibly the unlikely exchange of the year took place at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Sunday 19 June:

The setting: A gala screening of John Huston’s classic, The Man Who Would Be King

Cast: Memphis-based director John Michael McCarthy (JMM) and Sir Sean Connery

The script:

JMM: “Hi, I’m Mike McCarthy from Memphis, Tennessee, and I’m here to show my new film, Cigarette Girl.”

Connery: “What’s it about?”

JMM: “It’s about a girl who gives up smoking and, three days later, she starts killing people.”

Connery: “She gives up smoking?”

[Slow dissolve]

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Cigarette Girl — European premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Stop (Word) Press!

Mike McCarthy’s excellent slice of totally independently-made, dystopian big screen noir, Cigarette Girl, as previously blogged about on We Love Creative, is set to receive its European premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Tuesday 22 June.

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