Yorkshire Saucery. Trickery.

This new work for Yorkshire Saucery  by Shark! sums up everything I love about the smoke and mirrors you can create with packaging. The yellowing paper and hand written font says ‘home made’. The quote  and signature from the ‘chef’ tells you this was lovingly created by one man just for you, hell there’s even a photo of him, Jon’s his name. And the best bit, it’s exclusive to ASDA, one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. That Jon must be a busy man.



At last! Digital tablecloths are here…

Call me a geek (why break a habit?), but I can’t wait to eat and play at inamo in the West End. I honestly don’t care what the food’s like, I just want to fool around with the interactive touch tables – browse through the menu with on-plate previews, change the tablecloth design, order food by touch, book a cab and just muck about. Anyone been?
Click ‘Read more’ below to check out the video of the tables in action…
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iRestaurant Touch

iRestaurant Touch

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