When JMM met 007…

Cigarette Girl director JMM is still in a state of post-Connery shock, while producer Adam Hoenberg just looks dazed.

Very possibly the unlikely exchange of the year took place at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Sunday 19 June:

The setting: A gala screening of John Huston’s classic, The Man Who Would Be King

Cast: Memphis-based director John Michael McCarthy (JMM) and Sir Sean Connery

The script:

JMM: “Hi, I’m Mike McCarthy from Memphis, Tennessee, and I’m here to show my new film, Cigarette Girl.”

Connery: “What’s it about?”

JMM: “It’s about a girl who gives up smoking and, three days later, she starts killing people.”

Connery: “She gives up smoking?”

[Slow dissolve]

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