It’s The Perpetual Pin Badge Fridge Magnet Calendar





This is another one of those amazingly/annoyingly simple ideas that just work. Pin badge sized fridge magnets that act as a calendar. This won a graphic design award at the Kiev International Advertising Festival and should, hope fully be hitting the shops soonish.

Yorkshire Saucery. Trickery.

This new work for Yorkshire Saucery  by Shark! sums up everything I love about the smoke and mirrors you can create with packaging. The yellowing paper and hand written font says ‘home made’. The quote  and signature from the ‘chef’ tells you this was lovingly created by one man just for you, hell there’s even a photo of him, Jon’s his name. And the best bit, it’s exclusive to ASDA, one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. That Jon must be a busy man.



Turn the page and deliver the package

Loving this transparent DHL ad insert thingy (you try and summarise it in seven words). That’s it. They’ve cracked it. DHL can’t communicate express delivery any better than this. Just keep running this ad forever.

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea – The reading tray!

The no spillage, no crumbs, all-in-one breakfast and magazines in bed solution is finally here.

How do you make 66% more people choose stairs over escalators?

‘Fun theory’ in action – proof that fun changes people’s behaviour for the better.

Convert your sketches into photo-composite mockups at the touch of a button – or, the electric Jenks!

Sketch an image, hit the submit button, hey presto, a composited photo mock-up sourced from the web, cutout and slapped back together for your visualisation pleasure. Is this software from the future or an elaborate hoax? Cover mock-ups here we come! Check out the rather dry promotional video…

Great Editorial Illustration

pipe USB

This image was created by Kevin Van Aelst to illustrate a piece in the New York Times concerning dad’s of internet age children who either just do or just don’t get the internet (eg “can I get to my Internet from your computer?”) and I thought it was a great example of getting the imagery just right. The minute you see it you know what the article is about.

It also reminds me of this famous painting by Magritte.Magritte

Why is this so pleasing?

Remember that multi-touch, multi-user music wall we posted about a couple of weeks ago? Well Obscura Digital have applied the same technology to pool tables, somewhat needlessly. The effect is amazing as the table top becomes a fully interactive pool of water (amongst other things). Can we have one in our chill-out area Jayne? Can we? Can we? Go on – we neeeeeed one!

Amazing Folding Bike

There are a lot of issues with this bike…. but on an initial viewing it’s amazing.

Just don’t ask where the chain is or why you never see it folded back together just a shot of unfolding it played backwards. I’d have one though and if it came with panniers it could be a shopping cart.

Massive multi-touch, multi-user music wall

Check out Obscura Digital’s just launched and properly amazing memorabilia wall at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas. When I say ‘check out’ I mean watch the video. Don’t go booking flights or anything.


Makes the iPod Touch look a little primative

Makes the iPod Touch look a little primitive

Kinetic Typography

Network won an Oscar, thanks to this brilliant speech, now someone’s gone and illustrated it in type.

Laptop Concept

Here’s a snazzy little idea from Victor Bivol. A laptop with a tablet inside then just flip it to use the keyboard.

Concept Laptop

Concept Laptop

Concept Laptop

see the video here.

More Beautiful Letterpress

This time from Boxcar Press in Chicago, check out their portfolio, and flickr stream


Pulse concept bike by Teague


Picture 2

This new concept bike from Teague has got some nice ideas as well as looking lovely. It’s a fixed gear bike with twist grip handlebars that activate lights on the bar ends and an aluminescent frame which glows in the dark. The pedals are also counterweighted so that they always stay upright for your feet to fit comfortably into.

See more here…

I √ This

Karl Maier‘s design. Simple, brilliant.


Inky Calendar

An ingenious idea by Oscar Diaz. Here’s how he describes it…

“Ink Calendar make use of the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper to indicate time. The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are ‘printed ‘ daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. The calendar enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it.  The aim of the project is to address our senses, rather than the logical and conscious brain.”





Check it out here. And more of Oscars work here.

Lino cut

This is what Mark Webber has been working on for the past 6 months, a massive typographic map of Paris.

He has more stunning Lino prints on his website.

Suck it and sea

I love this. German Pasta maker, Mondo Pasta, created these playful ads for boats moored at the popular Hamburg harbour. The tagline reads “Mondo Pasta, so good you can’t let go”.
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Sea slurp pasta ad

Sea slurp pasta ad

Such a simple idea

Such a simple idea

A different way to look at copy

Word clouds are nothing new, but  wordle is an easy, fun way to create them. You can play with the number of ‘hot words’ used, the colour set, orientation of the words… there are also a funky set of fonts on offer. But the real reason for my post is this: have you ever thought of creating a word cloud to see copy you’ve written in a new light? Since the relative size of words within the cloud is dictated by its frequency in the excerpt you use, it’s a leftfield way of keeping an eye on repetition, or even just to get a feel for the kind of language you’ve been using. Try it.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

Is this the best business card ever?

I SO want one of these next time we reprint. We could put ‘content’ in the search field followed by Did you mean:
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Such a cool business card

Such a cool business card

Sometimes the simplest ideas…

Shouldn’t it just be the law for all clubs to have these stamps? Genius. Bookmark and Share

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea

At last! Digital tablecloths are here…

Call me a geek (why break a habit?), but I can’t wait to eat and play at inamo in the West End. I honestly don’t care what the food’s like, I just want to fool around with the interactive touch tables – browse through the menu with on-plate previews, change the tablecloth design, order food by touch, book a cab and just muck about. Anyone been?
Click ‘Read more’ below to check out the video of the tables in action…
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iRestaurant Touch

iRestaurant Touch

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3D signs – an accident waiting to happen or design genius?

The award winning distorted letter directional system created for the Eureka Tower carpark in Melbourne.
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Fancy a skydive?

Great viral, buzz, guerilla marketing/advertising hybrid from this Swiss skydiving school. Who would have thought that a floor sticker could be so terrifying? Created by Wirz/BBDO Switzerland.
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