It’s The Perpetual Pin Badge Fridge Magnet Calendar





This is another one of those amazingly/annoyingly simple ideas that just work. Pin badge sized fridge magnets that act as a calendar. This won a graphic design award at the Kiev International Advertising Festival and should, hope fully be hitting the shops soonish.

How do you make 66% more people choose stairs over escalators?

‘Fun theory’ in action – proof that fun changes people’s behaviour for the better.

Milton Glaser on creativity

The man who gave us I ❤ NY gives a refreshingly candid talk on how he works and how new ideas are born out of old ones.

At last! Digital tablecloths are here…

Call me a geek (why break a habit?), but I can’t wait to eat and play at inamo in the West End. I honestly don’t care what the food’s like, I just want to fool around with the interactive touch tables – browse through the menu with on-plate previews, change the tablecloth design, order food by touch, book a cab and just muck about. Anyone been?
Click ‘Read more’ below to check out the video of the tables in action…
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iRestaurant Touch

iRestaurant Touch

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