‘Vintage’ clothing — the trickle-down effect…

One of the major trends in retail clothing over the past decade, and a widespread success, has been reproduction ‘vintage’ clothing. This movement kicked-off in Japan, moved back home to the US and can now be found in its most commercial form on every UK High Street — most notably in the ‘fake Japanese’ brand Superdry and in the current Gap range.

The ‘real’ thing: Brooklyn’s premier vintage emporium, the curiously-named 10ft Single by Stella Dallas, is a Japanese-run affair, selling nothing but American clothing.

The cultural journey

From the mills and shop floors of ‘blue collar’ America, to Tokyo’s most exclusive boutiques, back to high end Fifith Avenue retailers, and down to the UK High Street is a real cultural journey that says a lot about the way the attraction of ‘the other’ and, indeed, how the ‘schmata’ business itself works in the 21st Century.

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