Now THAT’S how you demo a magazine app!

Most magazine app demos are pretty dry and serious affairs, usually involving an earnest man at his desk systematically taking the viewer through every page of his ‘important’ publication. The New Yorker has taken a different approach…

Volkswagen Independent Cinema Sponsorship Ads

By DDB London, try and guess the films, and don’t cheat by looking at the filenames.

Smuin Ballet Company Posters

Stunning Smuin Ballet Company Poster campaign by Evolution Bureau, USA

Another iPad concept – this time for Marie Claire and by our friends at Ceros

Curious one this, in that Ceros is a Flash-based platform and the Flash is like Kryptonite or at least Lex Luthor to the iPad.

The Noughties as told through US magazine covers

2009’s best cover lies

Great post from Jezebel decoding the best (or should that be worst) cover lies on women’s mags last year. Here’s a couple and the full list is here.

The future of magazines? Everyone seems to have a crystal ball this week…

The magazine publishing industry is panicking over rumours, yes just rumours, that Apple will unveil their iTablet/iSlate thingy at CES in January, pop a load of magazines and books on iTunes, reinvent publishing online and own that media market too. So suddenly, to look like they’re doing something, anything other than squinting hard at banner ads on their portal sites and desperately wondering how they can make money digitally, this week they’ve started coming up with ‘visualisations’ of how magazines could work on devices that may or may not come from Apple. That way, when Apple announce, they can all have a go at saying “told you so”. So are they any good?

First up is Time Inc with this Sports Illustrated demo (check out the spooky hand).

Next we have Mag+ the most beautiful of the three (we’re suckers for stuff with plus at the end – anyone?).

Lastly we have Wired’s attempt, which should knock our socks off, but compared to the other two, looks like they slapped it together over lunch in a European disco using Keynote, just so that they can be seen to be doing something.

Are these concepts the future of magazines? How about some comments folks?

Robert Downey Jr bursts out of the latest Esquire cover

Augmented Reality then (no don’t stop reading, this is good stuff). I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while and the latest issue of Esquire gives me the perfect opportunity to kick off. So what is it? Hold a magazine, trading card, cereal box, printout or anything with a QR code (that square graphic that Downey Jr is sat on below) up to a webcam and ‘something’ interactive appears on screen. Or, as Esquire describes it, ‘A living, breathing, moving, talking magazine’. Is augmented reality simply a gimmick? Maybe, but there are interesting opportunities for print and online to really play with each other here. I’ll shut up, watch the video below and I’ll post some more examples in the next few days.

You can play around with this yourself without buying the mag. First print out the cover here. Next, download the little app here. Finally, open the app, point your printout at your camera and have a play.

Or if you can’t be arsed, pop over and have a look on my laptop.

APA Love FuturePlus Creative too!

It’s a record haul of International Customer Publishing Awards nominations this year folks! Which is nice. Here’s the press release…

Future Plus has been shortlisted for five awards at the 2009 International Customer Publishing Awards. Congratulations go to the team for making the final cut in categories such as Editor of the Year and Best Integrated Marketing Solution.

Run by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA), Future’s titles have been picked out to compete against publications from the likes of Redwood, Haymarket and John Brown. Second-round judging begins this week where 50 senior media figures will choose winners in the 25 categories.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 25th November at Old Billingsgate in London.

FuturePlus UK Director Jayne Caple says: “This is the first year that these awards have been opened up to international agencies and as a result the number of entries rose by over 50%. Of course, that makes this news all the sweeter and we are all delighted.

“It’s great to see the teams’ work celebrated in such a way and I’m particularly pleased for Simon Kirrane who seems to be hogging the limelight somewhat with his three shortlisted nominations – a testimony to his talent and skills.”

Here’s the full list of categories in which we’ve been shortlisted:

Best Integrated Marketing Solution – Roland
Editor of the year – Simon Kirrane for Roland
Best membership title – GMB
Best travel leisure title – ODEON
Best specialist communications – Roland

Click here for full list.
Picture 2

Turn the page and deliver the package

Loving this transparent DHL ad insert thingy (you try and summarise it in seven words). That’s it. They’ve cracked it. DHL can’t communicate express delivery any better than this. Just keep running this ad forever.

SUCH an obvious yet brilliant idea – The reading tray!

The no spillage, no crumbs, all-in-one breakfast and magazines in bed solution is finally here.

The Maggies 2009 best cover winners revealed

Click here to see the results of the publicly voted magazine covers of the year. Really striking and simple-to-navigate microsite too.
Picture 2

New women’s free weekly launches today

Stylist, a new freesheet from the good folk who brought us Shortlist magazine, launches on the streets of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Brighton this morning. Feels a bit like New York inside, which isn’t a bad thing. Jayne will particularly enjoy the feature on page 36. You can view the whole issue here. What do you think?
Picture 2

Great Editorial Illustration

pipe USB

This image was created by Kevin Van Aelst to illustrate a piece in the New York Times concerning dad’s of internet age children who either just do or just don’t get the internet (eg “can I get to my Internet from your computer?”) and I thought it was a great example of getting the imagery just right. The minute you see it you know what the article is about.

It also reminds me of this famous painting by Magritte.Magritte

The best places to find magazines in London

A Google Maps mashup of the best magazine shops in London. Lovely.

Picture 1

That’s LIFE! Well, 1,860 issues of it scanned by Google and free to you anyway

This brilliant archive of  US classic LIFE magazines went online this week thanks to Google. Every page of every issue is here including ads. See the archive here (60s issues are particularly good – great interviews, unbeatable photography, laughably dated ads).


That's (quite literally) LIFE

That's (quite literally) LIFE

Entertainment Weekly magazine – now with video!

The September issue of Entertainment weekly contains the worlds first video ad. Unlike Esquire’s quirky, but disappointing animated cover last year, the CBS season preview ad is full video, with sound, and lasts for 40 minutes. Is this the future of magazines or just an  expensive willy-waving exercise by CBS and Pepsi who were determined to be first with this technology to bag all the press (including this blog post)?

World's first video-embedded magazine

The Devil Wears Prada – this sh*t just got real!

This looks fantastic! The September Issue is a no-holds-barred documentary taking us behind the scenes of American Vogue. So far so dull, until you meet the terrifying legend that is Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour! Obviously, the commissioning of this documentary had absolutely nothing to do with the runaway success of The Devil Wears Prada. Even from the trailer below though, Anna makes Meryl’s fictional alter ego seem a little tame.

Full description after the jump…
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Take the Gotham tour


Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones created Gotham for GQ Magazine and it was then quite heavily used in Obama’s 2008 Campaign. The font came from the Port Authority bus terminal in New York and they took further inspiration from around the city and Tobias has hosted  a walking tour of the found fonts of New York, take it.

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