Field Notes – share the love

We love Field Notes notebooks and we love print and this video shows why.

That’s the way to promote your product: show people you love what you do and that you’re competent at it.

Yorkshire Saucery. Trickery.

This new work for Yorkshire Saucery  by Shark! sums up everything I love about the smoke and mirrors you can create with packaging. The yellowing paper and hand written font says ‘home made’. The quote  and signature from the ‘chef’ tells you this was lovingly created by one man just for you, hell there’s even a photo of him, Jon’s his name. And the best bit, it’s exclusive to ASDA, one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. That Jon must be a busy man.



Hema Paper Branding – thinking outside of the box

Sometimes what’s on the outside of the box really makes a difference to what you think of what’s inside the box.hema1hema2hema3

The IDEO Shopping Cart Challenge

In 1999 ABC challenged leading product design firm IDEO to come up with a new take on something everyday. The shopping cart. They had five days – this films shows the process and the end result.

It’s ten years since the first airing of ABC’s challenge to IDEO to create a shopping cart. It helped establish the latter as one of the biggest product design firms in the world (and the focus of many academic studies*) and it still has the power to teach us how to be creative even if some of the ideas have been refined.

It’s also worth noting that two of the main concepts they come up with in their five-day design are standard today.

* “Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll find countless numbers of books on innovation. In many of them you’ll find chapters detailing a man named David Kelley, and his company, IDEO Product Development.”
– Virtual Advisor Inc.