Apple Tablet to “redefine print”?

Apple Tablet – Gizmodo

The long-rumoured Apple tablet is increasingly believed to be, basically speaking, an iPhone with a 10” screen.

While this possibly doesn’t sound like the subtlest phone for making calls on the 173 bus to Wells, Apple’s apparent plans to utilise the capacious screen of the tablet outweigh any such qualms. According to these reports from Wired and Gizmodo, one of their humble aims for the tablet is to “redefine print”.

Apple are said to be in talks with several print media companies with the intent of bringing books, magazines and newspapers to their new multi-touch device. It’s said that these would initially take the form of like-for-like versions of their print equivalents, a la Amazon’s Kindle, but according to Gizmodo, their eventual goal is said to be “hybridized content that draws from audio, video and interactive graphics in books, magazines and newspapers, where paper layouts would be static.”

Many iPhone/Touch users have already used their device to buy music, apps or video through iTunes, so the thought of paying for a digital version of their favourite magazine or newspaper on the iPhone seems a far smaller leap for most people to make than, say, paying to access the website of a newspaper. It isn’t hard to imagine paying a discounted monthly subscription for a daily paper downloaded to your device podcast-stylee, or a small one-off charge for downloading a mag to read whilst waiting for the aforementioned bus.