Elektra hits 60 — art and commerce in perfect harmony

The label’s masterpiece? Love’s third album, 1967’s Forever Changes.

Elektra records is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, and as far as independently-minded, hugely successful labels are concerned, it’s managed to surf atop six decades of musical mayhem with great aplomb, maintaining a textbook mix of art and commerce — from Love and the Doors, through the Stooges, MC5 and New York Dolls, to Charlotte Gainsbourg, Björk and Cee-Lo Green.

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The world’s most inadvisable business card?

During this period, Iggy seemed hell bent on destroying his career

A business card can be a beautiful thing, its form reflecting the authority of the bearer and their enterprise. It can also go spectacularly wrong…

Iggy & The Stooges' business card, circa 1974 — translation: 'Don't hire us'!