Thirst Quenching

Gatorade has redesigned its entire range of sports drinks. What I like are the slightly cheesy but ultimately inspirational slogans they’ve whacked on the new, curvy bottles. Looks much fresher than it used to (see below) – thing is, we don’t drink that much Gatorade over here but it’s a US institution. So this is a pretty cool refresh on a household-name brand.

Here’s what PepsiCo (the makers of Gatorade) had to say about it… “Just like any good athlete, Gatorade is taking it to the next level,” said Sarah Robb O’Hagan, chief marketing officer for Gatorade. “Whether you’re in it for the win, for the thrill or for better health, if your body is moving, Gatorade sees you as an athlete, and we’re inviting you into the brand.”

And here’s the old-look Gatorade… Yep, I feel much more like I’m being ‘invited into the brand’, cos this looks like a Lucozade bottle circa 1975.


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  2. I swear that is not the reason…

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