The Times’ iPad Infographics

Great interactive infographics from Applied Works for The Times’ £9.99 iPad app. Video below…

Genius retro gaming wall stickers!

Now this might just be a boy thing, but how good are theses Atari wall stickers? Available for single nerds to buy here.

Shall we get some for the FuturePlus office?

Movies in 6 frames

Little White Lies magazine just held a competition for readers to draw their favourite movies in six comic book frames. There are some humorous results, but I particularly liked the few below. You can view more at the Creative Review Blog site here and subscribe to Little White Lies here.

“Seven” by Mat Bond (runner up)

“2001” by Rich Johnston

“The Wicker Man” by Hurk

Magnificent hand-drawn map of London

Check out the ridiculous detail here.

Check out full zoom!