The Little Apple – New York as Toytown in The Sandpit

We first showed a tilt shift movie with the video Little Big Berlin and this film, which makes shots of New York seem like a toy town is also a must-see. Surely it’s only a matter of time before this technique is brought to wider public attention in a music video, advertisement or film – it’s an innovative, charming and quirky way to show a city at work.

Experience a normal day in 2014

Nice conceptual work on the future of screen technology – particularly like the desk, stretchy phone screen and the phone picture sharing. All that info on the bathroom mirror would be annoying though. And if I was a user interface specialist, I’m not sure I’d name my company ‘TAT’.

TV Hat is here! And no, this isn’t a joke.

Pop in your iTouch or iPhone, slide down the magnification lens and pull down the side flaps to shield yourself from everyone pointing and laughing. This. Is. Ridiculous. But I wouldn’t mind a quick go if I’m honest. Check out the ‘must be a spoof, oh my god it isn’t!’ video below. And then buy yours here.

As if the beard wasn't off putting enough, this guy is going for the full lady-repellent look by adding a TV Hat!

iPad + Velcro =


FuturePlus launches Tesco Tech Support magazine

Here’s a link to the interactive version of our latest Tesco magazine. Or if clicking is too much of an effort for you, pick up a copy on your next visit.

WeLoveCreative widget

Keep up to date on all things creative by downloading our spangly new dashboard widget here.

If Apple made watches

iWatch concept from ADR Studios. But why?

Re-Skinned Buldings

Messing with people’s perspective by projecting images over buildings is all the rage in 2010, it’s still new enough to be impressive though.

Alice For The iPad

“Just how,” people inquire, earnestly and with furrowed brows, “just how will the iPad make reading different?”

If you get an earnest, brow-furrowed inquiry simply thrust this in their phiz, it’s brilliant!

There’s a making of interview on the just-launched The Literary Platform.

What does your website look like on the iPad?

You can find out by visiting iPadPeek. Here’s ours…

Another iPad concept – this time for Marie Claire and by our friends at Ceros

Curious one this, in that Ceros is a Flash-based platform and the Flash is like Kryptonite or at least Lex Luthor to the iPad.

Latest iPad content concepts

Nice interface prototypes from Wired and Penguin Books. Oh, and the original iPad promo reel for those who missed it.

The internet – it’s doing rather well

The future of magazines? Everyone seems to have a crystal ball this week…

The magazine publishing industry is panicking over rumours, yes just rumours, that Apple will unveil their iTablet/iSlate thingy at CES in January, pop a load of magazines and books on iTunes, reinvent publishing online and own that media market too. So suddenly, to look like they’re doing something, anything other than squinting hard at banner ads on their portal sites and desperately wondering how they can make money digitally, this week they’ve started coming up with ‘visualisations’ of how magazines could work on devices that may or may not come from Apple. That way, when Apple announce, they can all have a go at saying “told you so”. So are they any good?

First up is Time Inc with this Sports Illustrated demo (check out the spooky hand).

Next we have Mag+ the most beautiful of the three (we’re suckers for stuff with plus at the end – anyone?).

Lastly we have Wired’s attempt, which should knock our socks off, but compared to the other two, looks like they slapped it together over lunch in a European disco using Keynote, just so that they can be seen to be doing something.

Are these concepts the future of magazines? How about some comments folks?

Another, just beautiful, Google promo reel

Remember that History Of Google video I posted a month or so ago? Well they’re at it again, or, rather BBH New York are at it again. This latest promo for Google’s Chrome browser is, er, well, enchanting actually. And it’s about a new web browser – subjects don’t get much drabber.

Learning French through great design

Caroline Fabès is a freelance graphic designer who has created a great little typographical animation for a key scene in Raging Bull

This is the actual scene. With pictures.

Clothes shopping the Augmented Reality way

This technology just got useful.

Robert Downey Jr bursts out of the latest Esquire cover

Augmented Reality then (no don’t stop reading, this is good stuff). I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while and the latest issue of Esquire gives me the perfect opportunity to kick off. So what is it? Hold a magazine, trading card, cereal box, printout or anything with a QR code (that square graphic that Downey Jr is sat on below) up to a webcam and ‘something’ interactive appears on screen. Or, as Esquire describes it, ‘A living, breathing, moving, talking magazine’. Is augmented reality simply a gimmick? Maybe, but there are interesting opportunities for print and online to really play with each other here. I’ll shut up, watch the video below and I’ll post some more examples in the next few days.

You can play around with this yourself without buying the mag. First print out the cover here. Next, download the little app here. Finally, open the app, point your printout at your camera and have a play.

Or if you can’t be arsed, pop over and have a look on my laptop.

The history of Google in two lovely minutes

‘Editors’ hack into Google Street View.

How do you make 66% more people choose stairs over escalators?

‘Fun theory’ in action – proof that fun changes people’s behaviour for the better.

Convert your sketches into photo-composite mockups at the touch of a button – or, the electric Jenks!

Sketch an image, hit the submit button, hey presto, a composited photo mock-up sourced from the web, cutout and slapped back together for your visualisation pleasure. Is this software from the future or an elaborate hoax? Cover mock-ups here we come! Check out the rather dry promotional video…


Search and explore fonts Minority Report style. Not convinced myself, but it looks pretty.



Why is this so pleasing?

Remember that multi-touch, multi-user music wall we posted about a couple of weeks ago? Well Obscura Digital have applied the same technology to pool tables, somewhat needlessly. The effect is amazing as the table top becomes a fully interactive pool of water (amongst other things). Can we have one in our chill-out area Jayne? Can we? Can we? Go on – we neeeeeed one!

Amazing Folding Bike

There are a lot of issues with this bike…. but on an initial viewing it’s amazing.

Just don’t ask where the chain is or why you never see it folded back together just a shot of unfolding it played backwards. I’d have one though and if it came with panniers it could be a shopping cart.

Massive multi-touch, multi-user music wall

Check out Obscura Digital’s just launched and properly amazing memorabilia wall at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas. When I say ‘check out’ I mean watch the video. Don’t go booking flights or anything.


Makes the iPod Touch look a little primative

Makes the iPod Touch look a little primitive

Laptop Concept

Here’s a snazzy little idea from Victor Bivol. A laptop with a tablet inside then just flip it to use the keyboard.

Concept Laptop

Concept Laptop

Concept Laptop

see the video here.

Entertainment Weekly magazine – now with video!

The September issue of Entertainment weekly contains the worlds first video ad. Unlike Esquire’s quirky, but disappointing animated cover last year, the CBS season preview ad is full video, with sound, and lasts for 40 minutes. Is this the future of magazines or just an  expensive willy-waving exercise by CBS and Pepsi who were determined to be first with this technology to bag all the press (including this blog post)?

World's first video-embedded magazine

The IDEO Shopping Cart Challenge

In 1999 ABC challenged leading product design firm IDEO to come up with a new take on something everyday. The shopping cart. They had five days – this films shows the process and the end result.

It’s ten years since the first airing of ABC’s challenge to IDEO to create a shopping cart. It helped establish the latter as one of the biggest product design firms in the world (and the focus of many academic studies*) and it still has the power to teach us how to be creative even if some of the ideas have been refined.

It’s also worth noting that two of the main concepts they come up with in their five-day design are standard today.

* “Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll find countless numbers of books on innovation. In many of them you’ll find chapters detailing a man named David Kelley, and his company, IDEO Product Development.”
– Virtual Advisor Inc.

Pulse concept bike by Teague


Picture 2

This new concept bike from Teague has got some nice ideas as well as looking lovely. It’s a fixed gear bike with twist grip handlebars that activate lights on the bar ends and an aluminescent frame which glows in the dark. The pedals are also counterweighted so that they always stay upright for your feet to fit comfortably into.

See more here…