Ski Williams — extreme hand-lettering and illustration

In this age of digital derring-do, it’s easy for bands to put together great-looking gig flyers, posters and artwork for their releases. However, sometimes, there’s no substitute for extreme hand-lettering and illustration. With the prices of original 1960s rock posters by such artists as Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson still rising in value (especially since the publication of The Art of Rock), and modern works by the likes of Coop and Kozik attracting serious attention (they’re documented in Art of Modern Rock), it’s time to praise the UK’s greatest current poster artist, Ski Williams.

Over the past two decades, Ski’s produced a plethora of album sleeves, flyers and limited edition posters, inspired by the West Coast masters of the 1960s. Here’s a selection for your edification. Some of the poster prints are available from this site.

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  1. […] disc arrives augmented with a hand-etched engraving on one side (courtesy of “extreme hand letterer” Ski Williams), and each release is hand-numbered. Best be quick: only 300 copies have been […]

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